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Team Building!

If you have ever seen a ComedySportz match you will see how our players seem to understand where each other is headed in a scene on stage. There is a lot of trust happening and the actors are having a fun time taking small risks and backing each other up. 

That doesn't just come naturally. We practice those skills 

We can bring those skills and energy to you. We call it 

"Applied Improvisation" 

We can send our instructors on location or virtually to engage your group in exercises and games to boost your skills in Yes And, Being Present in the Moment, and Listening, all while laughing and having a great time together.


We have brought our energy team building skills to companies like: 3M, Target, Cargill,  US Bank, General Mills, and many more.

Applied Improvisation Team Building is perfect for:

  • Corporate Businesses

  • Non Profits

  • Sports Teams

  • Any organization with a staff or team needing to connect better

Want to know more, or ready to book?

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