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Improv Classes

CSz Education classes encourage students to think quickly, make bold choices, agree to an idea and build on it, present with confidence, listen carefully, and embrace failures, all in a fun and supportive environment.

Virtual Classes

During social distancing we are offering virtual classes on Zoom! 

You do not need a Zoom account. You just need a laptop or desktop with a camera and microphone that is either built in or added.

All of our available classes are listed below! You can register online by clicking the links, or you can call us at (612) 870-1230 to enroll.

Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Improv class
Acting & Drama Classes
101 2019.jpg
CSz Level 101

This is the perfect place to start if you're new to improv, or if it's been a while and you could use a refresher! Register with a friend, and both of you get $25 off! Call (612) 870-1230 to register.

No class available currently


Virtual on Zoom

learn improv

Virtual Improv Sample Class 

Have you ever wanted to try an improv class just to see if it's for you? Now you can! CSz Twin Cities is happy to provide a FREE sample class for those that may be interested in taking one of our full classes. Just register using the button below!

Cost: FREE

None scheduled currently.

Location:  Virtual on Zoom

Virtual class 4.png

CSz Level 201

You’ve been through CSz 101, or you have taken a 101 class somewhere else, and now you want to work on ComedySportz short form games? Perfect!

We have a 201 class for you. Building on what you’ve learned in your 101 class, 201 focuses heavily on games. You’ll learn player and fan favorites like

New Choice, Forward/Reverse, and Three Rooms, to name a few. You’ll also continue to polish your scene work, quickly establishing a who, what, and where and building scenes with your team.

No class available currently

CSz Level 301

Time to put the polish on your ComedySportz game!

CSz 301 focuses on character work, genres of performance and the ComedySportz signature game

of Five Things.

As you work on characters, genre games and

Five Things, you’ll continue to solidify your scene work, making sure that under each set of ridiculous rules there is a scene that could stand on its own.

Prerequisite: CSz 201

No class available currently

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Singing & Dance
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