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About CSz Twin Cities

Since opening in 1989, CSz Twin Cities has been producing and performing hilarious improv comedy shows including the ever popular ComedySportz!


Improv comedy is comedy “without a net.”Audience suggestions serve as jumping-off points for short scenes, games, and even full-length parodies of popular movie franchises, TV shows and classic literature.  Everything on our stage has never been done before and will never be done again, which makes every performance at CSz Twin Cities a unique experience for the audience and the performers.

Comedy Sports

CSz Twin Cities is also part of CSz Worldwide, a network of more than 25 other cities around the U.S. and in Europe transforming the world using improvisation through our unique ability to foster collaboration, inspiration, gratitude and fun. These core values enrich the lives of individuals, families, friends and organizations alike. 


To find out more about CSz Worldwide and its members, click here.

Other Cities/Metroplexes Around The Globe Where ComedySportz is Performed:

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