We Do Private Events!

CSz Twin Cites Can Bring an Improv Show to you!

We've created events for churches, schools, and companies like 3M, Target, Cargill, and US Bank! We even performed in a tent on the side of a Wal-Mart during a blizzard (true story)! Now we can even bring it to you ONLINE. ComedySportz, our most popular show, is fast, fun, and appropriate for all ages, but you can learn about all the shows we offer by clicking here!

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CSz improv shows can be customized to your business, school or other group.

Since the show is interactive, we use your suggestions via chat. We can even involve player volunteers from the audience.

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Training and Teambuilding

We've done workshops for offices, classrooms, churches, colleges, and more! Now we can do it in-person or ONLINE.

We send instructors according to your group size, and they'll work with your team on the skills you want in a fun, safe, and entertaining environment!

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CSz Twin Cities has taught improvisational comedy in the area for more than twenty years.

Improv has incredible business applications that can benefit your workplace. That's why we provide different workshops that focus on:

  • Creativity

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

  • Communication

  • Or a topic of your choice!

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